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Friday, December 11, 2009

RAINY ROADS BE SAFE - and how to survive an accident.

Its a rare rainy day in Southern California. Be careful on your drive. Stopping is more difficult. People are in a rush to get home on a Friday afternoon and the early sunset means you will have bad visibility on your commute.

Ask any of my injured clients if they would prefer to be healthy or have money from an accident. Almost all of them would prefer to be healthy.

Drive Safe, be safe, and hope to never need the services of a personal injury attorney.

Sometimes accidents are unavoidable like when another driver hits your car.

think about your response.

Did you say call the police?
Did you say check on the other driver?
Did you say call your insurance company?

All Wrong.

If you are in an accident the first thing you should do is... nothing!

Stay in your car with your seat belt on, because there may another collision.

Few people realize that many accidents are actually several different collisions. In a typical three car rear-ender accident, there are two collisions to the front car. Car 1 is hit by Car 2. Car 3 unable to stop hits Car 2 which hits Car 1, again. If the driver of Car 1 had taken off their seat belt and stepped out of their car, they would be stepping into harms way of the second collision.

In the event of an accident. Stay in your car, stay in your seat. Keep your seat belt on. Wait until your car stops moving and the cars around you stop. Then wait another minute. You don't know whether the traffic behind and around you has stopped.

Once it is safe to exit your vehicle is the time to make sure you are ok. Make sure your passengers are ok. Make sure there is no fire. Worry about yourself, your passengers and your property first.

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